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Pastry and Sandwiches


Sima’s breadstick by Viennese baker’s recipe 60g 0,30
Sima’s buns by Viennese baker’s recipe 200g 0,90
”Koliba” sandwich (cheese, cream & smoked ham) 250g 3,30
Bun with cream 250g 3,00
Domestic pie with cheese and soured milk 250g 7,50
Pone 250g 3,00

”KOLIBA” dairy products and delicacies


Beef jerky 100g 5,00
Njeguši prosciutto 100g 6,00
Lamb jerky 100g 6,00
Sausage “Koliba” 100g 3,90
Durmitor cream-dairy dish 100g 6,00
Whole cow cheese 100g 3,50
Cow cheese in olive oil 100g 4,00
Whole goat cheese 100g 4,00
Whole ripe goat cheese 100g 4,50
Goat cheese in olive oil 100g 5,00
Layered cheese 100g 4,00
Soured milk-yogurt 2,50



Lamb and veal 250g 3,50

Meals from Durmitor region


Durmitor supper 300g 8,00
(baked potato in coat,cheese,cream,sour milk)
Durmitor ”cicvara” 300g 9,00
(corn flour, chees, cream)
Durmitor potato polenta with soured milk 300g 8,50
Fritters with soured milk 300g 8,50
Milka’s “masanica” with soured milk 300g 6,00
Buckwheat pie with sour milk 250g 7,90

Restaurant specialties


Roasted lamb under sach (earthenware) 50g 2,00
Roasted lamb 50g 2,00
Braised lamb 50g 2,00
Braised lamb in milk 50g 2,20
Smoked braised lamb 50g 2,00
Roasted veal under sach (earthenware) 50g 2,20
Braised veal 50g 2,20
Roasted kid (goat) under sach (earthenware) 50g 2,40
Kid braised in milk 50g 2,50
side dishes:potato under sach,cooked potato

Grill specialties


Koliba’s ”ćevapĉići” (meat fingers – small kebabs) 300g 7,90
Koliba’s burger 300g 7,90
Grilled beef loin 300g 10,50
Grilled smoked pork loin 300g 10,00



Omelette (with cheese, bacon or ham) 3,50

Daily meals on order


Beans with smoked lamb 300g 7,90
Cooked smoked kneepad under sach (earthenware) 100g 2,00
side dishe:sour cabbage or potato under sach
Smoked lamb with potato chowder aranged in 7,90
Durmitor manner 300g
Daily meal ”Koliba” 300g 7,90
(sour cabbage,cabbage roll,sliced potato with meat,stuffed paper)
Sausage with cooked sour cabbage 300g 8,90
Trout from Piva river 300g 10,90
(side dish: boiled potato)
Potatos under sach (earthenware) 300g 3,90
Grilled vegetables 300g  9,50



Olives 150g 2,50
Fresh cabbage 250g 2,50
Sour cabbage 250g 2,50
Serbian salad 250g 2,50
”Šopska” salad 250g 2,50
Vitamin salad mix 250g 2,50



Royal crums (mini) 300g 4,00
Royal crums (maxi) 400g 5,00
Durmitor apple pie 250g 3,00
Pancakes (chocolate,jam or nuts) 120g 3,00
Pancakes with nutella 120g 3,50
Gof “Koliba” 4,00